"Home is where the Air Force takes us"

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Shall we catch up?!

  Sorry about that. Life has been busy but hopefully I can give this blog thing on last chance and catch the moments that seem to be passing by so fast. Let's do a quick recap shall we? Bring those of you back up to speed as to what the Harris' have been up to. We are currently living in Bossier City, Louisanna where Wil is currently flying the B-52. However, in about 8 months we'll be headed up to the mother of cold weather to Minot, North Dakota where we will stay for about 2-3 years. Yay! not really, I am not a big fan of cold weather, but it does mean I get to go shopping for some new clothes so I'll take that as a plus. This was not our original plan, but believe strongly in God's bigger plan so we are happy to making a home in Minot.
  We are also adding a new addition to the family at the end of July. That's right folks, I am pregnant might I add for the last time and I type that with a smile. Everyone is excited especially Wes, who still believes he is getting a baby brother since he already has a baby sister. Boy, he is in for a surprise. Wil and I couldn't be happier and sweet Eva is in for the surprise of her young life. She is definately the baby of the family and adding another girl to the mix may change some things for her. We pray she adjusts well :/.
  We are really enjoying our time here in Louisianna. Crawfish, gumbo, and Ettoufee all delish and I can't get enough of the cajun food. Summer is upon us and it's mighty hot but we stay cool in the sprinklers and pool when we have time. Wil has picked up playing rugby again with a club team in town. He just loves playing and I cringe each time he takes the field thinking about him losing those pretty teeth. Fishing has been something we do in the evenings. I am not a fan of fishing. The only thing I occasionally like to do is reel in the fish. But usally I take a book and my iPod and relax in a chair while the kids play in dirt, worms, and scream running from bugs. I doubt this is relaxing for Wil since he really enjoys the peacefulness that fishing usually encompasses, but he deals. We have seen a few alligators that are pretty scary looking if you ask me, but they stay away as long as you don't harass them. I guess that's the experience you expect to get when fishing is Louisianna.
  Well, hopefully I'll be more present in the blogging world since I love reading others blogs so much I guess it's only fair I share a little of my life too :)
 After Wil's finni flight..see ya later OK.
 Memorial Day BBQ and swimming...we don't take pictures in swimming suits around here.
 Why hello Mr. Gator
Just another day gone fishing.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

For my Dearest Friends..Lots of Fun in October!

Lots has happened in the past three months and I have neglected my blog. October was filled with so much fun that I decided to catch up! I believe I last posted on expecting a little girl, Eva..Well, she's here! And she's almost 3 months weighing in at a whopping 14 pounds! She likes to eat what can I say. Eva Diane is such a joy and brings a complete(ness) to our family. Wes adores her and slathers her with kisses, mom spoils her rotten, and dad makes her smile!
For Halloween the kids and I got dressed-up (not really my thing as my friends would know, but I thought, " hey, why not") Wes was superman, Eva was a kitten, and I was dressed up in halloween garb...not bad! The weekend was filled with a trip to A Daze in the Maze and Wes was in heaven! He could run, scream, jump and not get told to quiet down and calm down..I wish we had a mini-daze in the maze in my backyard :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter fun!

We spent the Easter weekend in Chandler, Az to attend a good friends wedding from High School and as a bonus because we were so close to California my parents, LJ, and neice decided to meet us there. How exciting, right?! My sister, Mia and her husband were also attending the wedding so they were in Chandler as well. It was a fun filled weekend with little sleep, lots of pool time, and good company.

Wes had an absolute blast with his cousin Bee. They jumped on beds and went easter egg hunting together for the first time. It was great. I love getting to see them together and create a bond they will remember forever. I wish they had more time together more often.

As I mentioned before, Wil and I went to our dear friend Jay's wedding. It was amazing, despite the grilling sun during the ceremony. There were people we haven't seen since high school..like 8 years! It was so awesome to get to reconnect and just catch up on what has been happening in each of our lives. Wil and I even caught a couple of dances together. And let me tell you, dancing when you're pregnant is an experience. Not only is your balance off, but it feels like you're pelvic thrusting the entire time, lol. But nonetheless, a good time. And who says a good pelvic thrust during a justin timberlake song is a bad thing, haha...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Birthday To Wes!

Today is such a special day, Wes turns two offically. The last two years have gone by terribly fast but I have had such a blast watching him grow. I am incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful little family that is growing by one in August. Wes is going to be an amazing big brother to his new little sister. So much to be thankful for especially this little boy! Love you so much Wes.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Let's try this again..

I know, I know. I have not put my best effort forth to keep an updated blog. I hope to do better this time around considering so much has been happening in our lives hence, the outdated blog. In any case, I thought I'd share a few photos of Wes and the rest of the crew to catch everyone up, at least visually. Enjoy.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Wes surveying Shamu very intently.
Shamu saying hi.

Our Family.

Let me start by saying that I am not the first person to volunteer to play dominos or even and card game. Okay, any game at all. And for that matter I was always reluctant to go to amusement parks and such things because well, I was always busy with sports so I like to be home when I could.

But now, since sports have taken a back seat and I mean like back of the bus seat, I have changed. I like to go places that are new and enjoy them as much as Wes does...most of the time. Sitting and watching Seseame Street characters parade around stage isn't exactly my cup of tea, but for the sake of Wes I would do just that. Wil and I have been talking about going to Sea World San Antonio, TX for a couple of weeks now. But with some slight bad weather and just other things to go and see we just hadn't gotten around to going. Upon realizing that our time in San Antonio is about to end we decided that this is the weekend that we are going, no matter what!

I started the day a little grumpy. Wes was reluctant to get dressed and sit in his carseat for yet another ride and Wil..well, if you know Wil, you know he is always in good spirits ( such a good man ) Our drive was almost over and I could see the park. My excitement was on overdrive. I wouldn't even let a $15.00 parking fee ruin my day at Sea World. We made it to the park just in time to catch the opening show for Shamu. We sprinted down to the middle section and got prime seats. All three of us were just so ready for the show to begin.

The show was uh, amazing. I was filled with all the emotions you can possibly think of and yes, I think I might have shed a tear when they played the sappy music and the killer whale moved gracefully through the water gliding ever so elegantly. Isn't that odd..killer whale and graceful in one sentence. But that is exactly what it was. Wil, Wes, and I had the best time. All of you should go.

The day was filled with new experiences and I am so happy that I got to finally see Shamu that I think I could burst!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Man Up...

The Bachelor has been one of my favorite shows since college. Our friends would gather at someones house and sit around the miniature T.V. sets and during commercials discuss rather excitedly about what we just saw. We would debate about which one was our favorite, least favorite, and laugh at the weird, awkwardness of the whole situation. It was an event, Monday night Bachelor nights!!

There have been many many moments in which the show has disappointed me, but nevertheless, I remained a faithful fan and continued to watch the next seasons episodes. But I have to honestly say that this seasons ending had literally made me think that this is my last season of The Bachelor. Firstly, I would like to state that I did not want DeAnna to choose Jason in the last season of The Bachelorette. He was all gushy and not even cute, to be honest, and he just was I don't know, I liked the other guy better. So I wasn't surprised to see his numerous scenes where he shed tear, after tear, and freakin' tear. It was so annoying. Man up. ( I can't believed I just used that term)

Secondly, I can't believe that he broke up with Melissa after choosing her and proposing. Then, he was crying as he was telling her! He didn't have any answers to really let her know what he was thinking other than he just wanted to be with Molly because it wasn't working out between them like he had hoped it would have. It was even a little uncomfortable to watch. Although, I did feel some slight satisfaction when she called him a bastard. It was just an awful thing to do to someone. Jason kept saying that he came to the show to find someone to spend the rest of his life with and that was his goal. It doesn't matter what the price is so he stomps on poor Melissa's heart in the process. Ugh, what a ducshbag.

Thirdly, I was appalled when he asked Molly for another chance and said that he really loved her and wanted to be with her and immediately began kissing her and hugging..ew. What kind of real person really does that? So Jason's whole mister nice guy, always getting hurt, never getting the right girl..well, ya' right.

So my whole rant and rave about Jason's wrong doings make me so glad that I have such a wonderful husband who makes me so happy. I am truly blessed that he loves me when I have disheveled hair in the morning, when I am grumpy, and most of all for when I am just being me...:)